Solar Charger As Your Keychain And Recharge On The Go!
Recharge your device with this Solar Energy Keychain Charger. When your battery gets low, plug in and use your device on the go! 
In using this charger you also help save the environment because it gets its energy supply from solar light energy. You can also use a USB port or an A/C adapter to Recharge your Charger at home, work, on vacation, etc 
For easy use, you can attach your keys and use as your keychain, so you will always have your charger with you.

Earth friendly Charger can be used on most Portable Devices including: iPhones, Android phones, GPS, bluetooth and many more devices!

                   Earth Friendly Charger Reusable By Solar Energy /USB Port

Earth Friendly Charger (950mAh) Rechargeble By Solar Energy


Solar Keychain Charger to help you charge your devices on the go!  Helping to keep the environment clean and sustain your energy needs without electricity for emergency at the airport, bus, train station, on vacation, beach playtime and much more! Use solar energy, USB Port, AC to recharge your charger.

Earth Friendly Charger can supply power to most portable electronic devices, when you get a Solar keychain charger you will enjoy these benefits:

> USB port or A/C to recharge solar charger

> Solar power to charge your charger

> No overcharging

Recharge your iPhone, Blackberry, Smartphones, Bluetooth, Handheld video games, and many more portable devices!

Get your power on Now!

Large Capacity Charger (950mAh) Includes 3 Adapters
Small Capacity Charger (450mAh) Includes 3 Adapters
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